iHealth-T2D Recruitment Launch in Lahore- Pakistan

When: 26th July 2016 – 29th July 2016 all-day Where: Lahore Launch of Recruitment in Lahore. Together, Punjab Institute of Cardiology and Services Institute of Medical Sciences initiated the recruitment of participants to the study. Photogallery

iHealth-T2D recruitment launch in Colombo – Sri Lanka

When: 17th June 2016 – 18th June 2016 all-day Where: Colombo Launch of Recruitment in Colombo. iHealth-T2D recruitment in Colombo was launched on the 17th of June. Imperial College team joined University of Colombo and University of Kelaniya in June, for the start of recruitment of participants to the study. Photogallery

iHealth-T2D Strategic meeting

When: 22nd November 2015 – 24th November 2015 all-day Where: University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka All partners involved in the recruitment and responsible for the management of field-work sites were invited to attend iHealth-T2D Strategic Meeting. The meeting was not only a great opportunity to extensively develop the study’s materials but also for team...

Diet and Nutrition Training

When: 8th February 2016 – 14th February 2016 all-day Imperial College London and London Northwest Healthcare NHS Trust hosted the Diet and Nutrition Training, from the 8th to the 14th of February 2016. Nutritionist from DDF, UKEL, UCOL and LNHW NHS Trust worked together throughout a week full of activities and brainstorming. The training was...

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