The Consortium

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The Consortium


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Imperial College London: 51.498800, -0.174877
Ealing Hospital NHS Trust: 51.507404, -0.346519
University of Amsterdam: 52.355818, 4.955726
University of Surrey: 51.242722, -0.589514
University of Oulu: 65.059318, 25.466294
Punjab Institute of Cardiology: 31.538488, 74.335932
Devki Devi Foundation: 28.531277, 77.197113
Institute of Health Policy: 6.916870, 79.858927
University of Kelaniya: 6.972903, 79.915837
University of Colombo: 6.902755, 79.860225
Services Institute of Medical Science: 31.539021, 74.334003
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The consortium is established in an international collaboration of institutions from UK, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, The Netherlands and Finland.

The Consortium includes experts in the epidemiology of Type-2 Diabetes, health promotion and health policy in the context of obesity and T2D at local, national and international level, statistical analysis, health economics.

iHealth-T2D is coordinated by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, at Imperial College London. Prof John Chambers is the Chief Investigator and Ninha Silva is the Project Manager.

In addition, the project management team includes a Regional Project Coordinator, based at Devki Devi Foundation, in India, and three Regional Clinical Trial Coordinator, each based in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

A list of partner institutions and their respective lead investigators, is shown below. Visit Recruitment Teams page to learn more about the teams directly involved in the recruitment and intervention components of the study.


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Project Funded by the European Commission